Financial Decisions

Decisions about money can be stressful and perplexing.   Let us be your sounding board to help you in your analysis and decision making process.  

From saving for grandchildren's college, funding your retirement, to leaving a legacy we are here to help.



You worked somewhere long enough to vest in a pension and at some point you have to decide monthly annuity payments or lump sum.  Which should you take?  Before you make a decision, let us help you understand the math behind the decision and look at the pension's funding level.  Some pensions are so generous one way or the other you would be unwise to make the wrong decision.  Some company's pension plans are so underfunded you would not want to depend on it even if the monthly annuity was generous.

Bring in your pension plan options and we will show you how your options compare and explain what it means  to you in easy to understand language.

Tax Planning


No one likes taxes. But through the advice of a professional financial advisor, you can access products and services that help ease the burden. Charitable contributions, life insurance policies and investment products purchased can all be useful tools in an effective tax strategy. Working together, we will consider your personal situation and design a tax plan that fits your needs.

Examples of common tax planning opportunities:

IRA distribution timing

Roth IRA conversion

Tax efficiency and Social Security

Tax friendly investments

Capital gain timing

Step up in basis

Utilizing the right assets for charitable gifts

Social Security


When to take it: 62, 67, 70.  File and suspend, spousal benefits, widows benefits, ex-spouse benefits, Deferred Retirement Credits, Cost of Living Adjustments, Full Retirement Age... in many cases retirees have many possible social security filing strategies they may not even be aware of.  A simple mistake may mean leaving thousands of dollars on the table.  Don't make the decision without getting expert advice and analysis on what filing strategies are available in your situation and which ones may be most attractive to you based on your unique circumstances.


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